About Me

Hi! I’m Becks!

I was born and raised in Southwest Michigan. Go Wolverines! Pennsylvania has been my home, on and off, since I moved to go to college in 2000. My undergraduate and graduate degrees are in counseling, and I worked as a Licensed Behavior Specialist for several years before my life turned upside down.

Stress, medical issues, trauma, depression, and grief stacked up in 2015. My journey almost ended before it truly began when I believed I could not continue on and pointed a loaded gun to my head. My husband and son came home as I was squeezing the trigger. My finger released, and I knew I needed help.

I began writing about my experiences with psychiatrists, therapists, hospitals, and residential facilities in a simple word document. It was an honest look at my entire life. My original blog started in November 2018, just six months after starting with a Psychologist who stirred in me a realization that my life could be different.

My blog started out so that I could remember where I came from and how hard I had worked. Since then, it has become a dream of mine to help others. For several years, professionals did not know how to help me and didn’t understand how hopeless I was feeling when each attempt to “help” seemed fruitless. I want professionals to see the humanity in their patients rather than become frustrated and give up; help therapists and doctors become better, and I want to help those with a similar story to mine see my journey and feel hope for their own.


Read with an open mind, compassion, and curiosity. Look to understand me and others with mental health diagnoses, trauma, and hopelessness.

If you are feeling defeated – as though nothing is ever going to change – be open to my journey. It isn’t linear, fast-paced, or perfect; it just is…

As a professional, see the face in front of you. Don’t for a second lose hope on that “hopeless” person. You need to understand them, understand yourself, consult with others, expand your knowledge, apply what you already know, and trust your intuition. Most importantly, you need to listen. LISTEN.

Meet my family! I married Tim on July 19, 2008. Our son, Ian, was born on January 5, 2012. Tim is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who works with children with autism spectrum disorders. He is a hobby fish breeder and hosts his own YouTube channel. Ian is our energetic animal lover. Like most boys, he enjoys playing video games. I am an avid reader, enjoy coffee, and love training at the gym

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