Beautifully Broken

This post was written by a fellow, beautifully broken friend, Katie Walker. She is an example of grace in fire. I am grateful for her permission to publish this. I made minimal edits but wanted to keep the integrity of her words.

If you want to see what she is up to, check out her personal site: Katie Walker

It’s funny; when I go to the beach I see bunches of people looking and searching for that perfect sea shell-that one that is unbroken. And the bigger the better.

It makes my mind flash to life and people searching while they are broken and undone for all the things in life that will complete them when really we are all broken and need to be able to love and love abundantly in this brokenness.

I personally love looking for these shells. They are broken, but they are beautifully broken. They have lived and been rocked by waves day in and day out. They are not whole, but they are beautiful. The holes in them create room for others to come and live abundantly.

How can you live in broken abundance today?

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